Steve'n'Seagulls Badge. You can either sew or glue this or use it as a coaster. Diameter is 8 cm.

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Seagulls Badge

Seagulls Badge

Ironable adhensive surface on the back of the badge.

Mounting instructions for a standard iron:

1) Adjust the temperature of the iron to high: approx. 200 ° C, three dots (***) or cotton.

2) Place the garment on a flat, non-combustible surface. Set the extra, an iron - resistant fabric (eg a cotton hand towel) on the garment, and press through the cloth with a hot iron for about 10-15 seconds to the attachment point of the garment mark becomes warm. Note, however the temperature endured by the garment material.

3) Insert the mark with the ironing surface in the correct position and iron-resistant fabric on top of the mark. Press the mark firmly through the fabric with a hot iron for about 10-15 seconds.

4) Remove the ironing-resistant fabric from the mark and allow the garment to cool in peace. The final strength of the adhesive is reached after about 48 hours after which any washing tests must be carried out. Permanent we always recommend sewing for fastening.

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